This ex Indonesian Police CB650 was sent in to us by Kintoko Adeji who picked the bike up in very rough condition, and still in full Police trim, where it served the force in the 1980s. It ran badly, the exhaust leaked and it was covered in rust.
Here's how she arrived...
At first it was going to be a restoration project and Kintoko sent it to a small garage in Jogjakarta, Tendjo, Klasyk Kustom (I'll let you do your own translation), but after they rebuilt the engine Kintoko had a change of heart and set his sights on a Cafe/Brat having seen a few bikes from the Wrench Monkees. His budget was tight and he had to use as many original parts as possible, although it did get custom exhaust pipes, seat, rear fender, clock mountings, new wheels and a host of the usual cafe/brat must-have parts.. And the end result? As Kintoko puts it; "Good bye heavy looking police bike and welcome the new simple look." Awesome.