KK GB400 1 We have a few regular builders from Oz but not nearly enough, so this metalflake GB400 brat was very welcome in the Bike Shed inbox. The bike was initially built by Raider Motorsport and then finished up by Jimmy G from Kustom Kommune, who are a DIY communal moto workshop and are also co-owners of Oil Stained Brain, which runs an event that helped inspire the vibe of the BSMC events here in London. KK GB400 2 The donor bike is an imported 1988 Honda GB4oo with an extensively customised frame made to accommodate a modified XS650 tank. KK GB400 3 The engine has been completely rebuilt with porting and re-ground cams. The rear sets were also custom made to be adjustable for different riding positions which are complemented by clip-ons for a proper cafe style racing crouch. KK GB400 4 The triple clamps are also customised and have all the warning lights and the starter button built-in. Also up front, is an aftermarket speedo. The wheels have been re-spoked and laced to blacked out rims which wear Coker Diamond tyres. Down the back the bike has new shocks with a custom fender and a new aftermarket taillight from Sparto behind the one-off single seat. KK GB400 5 The engine was painted black before the fins were then polished back to the metal, and to help take advantage of the new cam profile and porting the engine runs a Mikuni TM36 Flatslide carb and a custom under frame exhaust. In fact the engine was originally set up to take a turbo, which Jimmy says may one day get fitted... The electrics are also minimised and run a Lithium Ion 4-cell battery which helps the bike run but still demands her to be kick-started into life. KK GB400 6 Of course, what really stands out on the build is the retro 60's chopper style metalflake paint which was by Thom Armstrong from Rusty Kustoms. Jimmy normally builds raw bikes, but this time around he wanted a bit of bling on this one. Job done! KK GB400 7 So, how does the bike ride? "Its very revvy, quick off the line and will sit on 140kmph no probs!" Next up Jimmy and Richie are building a 48 Sportser for Harley Davidson Australia through the Kustom Kommune. We look forward to seeing it. See more from Kustom Kommune on Facebook and Instagram. KK GB400 8