Loic's KZ750 Risde 1 This 1977 KZ750 was found in London looking knackered and worn out by Portobello hairdresser Loic, originally from Provence. The French always seem to have good taste in bikes and Loic is no exception, having started out riding and repairing bikes in Provence from a young age, including a custom 1977 XT500. Loic's KZ750 Bars & Clocks He moved to London in 2004 but couldn't find the space to work on his bikes, (although he was able to customise a Ducati S4), but to sort out his predicament he opened a hair salon with a basement, and his man-cave was born. Loic likes to work on his bikes between haircuts, so if you ever wonder why your French-accented Portobello hair stylist seems in a bit of a rush, now you know why. Loic's KZ750 Combo 1 For a bike built in a hairdresser's basement the quality of parts and finish is excellent. Check the beautifully-finished brat style seat, looped frame and neat cable routing. Loic's KZ750 RSRA1 All the bearings and bolts have been changed, the electric systems simplified and all accessories powder coated - and according to Loic that was just the tip of the iceberg, as the whole bike has been stripped and rebuilt along the way - so, this is no backstreet rattle-can job. Loic's KZ750 Engine Shiny new taps and jet-black fuel lines suggest a host of replacement parts. Purposeful grille on the headlamp marks a bike built for purpose. Loic's KZ750 Lamp Only the lack of a front fender suggests a little artistic license in an otherwise very practical street custom. Loic's KZ750 Tank The clean brat-style back-end and shorty fender accommodate a Highway Hawk light unit and Shinyo Indicators, while Hagon replacement rear shocks keep things smooth on London's rutted and pot-holed streets. Loic's KZ750 RALS 1 Plank of wood is an optional accessory used for photographic purposes only... Loic looks well-pleased with himself, and rightly so. It's a really lovely bike and we hope to see plenty of it on the streets of London. Loic's KZ750 Loic Thanks for sharing, and see you at the next BSMC event.