La Corona Motorcycles is a Barcelona-based outfit who seem to have snuck-in through the back door, joining the ranks of a few other notable Spanish workshops who build beautiful machines with perfect balance, gorgeous paint and classy logos, using high quality parts and fittings that betray an eye for detail that would satisfy the worst of the biking world's OCD outpatients. In their About Us they talk about the desire to ride unique machines, regardless of make, age or size, each built uniquely to reflect the identity each owner and made to use daily. That's our kinda language, so we had to include their bikes in our pages. This bike is a US imported 1979 Kz650 built to a scrambler/brat style, complete with kickstart for dirtbike authenticity. Bars are low motorcross items wearing Beston grips, and very posh-looking ISR levers that have the switchgear integrated into the handlebar mounts. ...Very nice. Matt black mini headlamp with built-in stone-guard and a small 60mm speedo on the top triple clamp keep things minimal at the front end. Lighting at the back is old-school and mounted on a shortened fender, while mini versions of 1970s-style indicators show it's a bike for daily use. Rims are double walled aluminium with reinforced steel spokes wearing NAS military Firestones. While the brakes have been left as the standard items, hydraulic power comes via those posh ISR levers with radial pumps pushing fluid along braided steel hoses for maximum efficiency. The seat is bespoke by la Corona, as is the exhaust system, fender, taillight, battery box, and of course that gorgeous paint. Overall it's a very beautiful bike, beautifully photographed and presented, sitting at the top of the quality custom food-chain. We hope to feature more of their bikes asap.Check out more from La Corona on their own website and blog.