Barcelona based La Corona's first build was an instant hit with the cafe/brat/custom aficionado scene for good reason; it's just a very well put together package with a classy paint job. In fact there's nothing out of place, from the cross-hatched stitched flat seat to the black painted engine, beige wrapped headers, swept-back 70's style dirtbike bars, flat Bates headlamp and black rims on trendy Firestones.

The bike is a 1976 Yamaha XS650, built just as the Sex Pistols were tearing-up the rules in the music business. The Chassis and forks have been left as standard, although braking has been delegated to top-notch Brembo 4 Pot Goldlines activated by Radial pump and biting onto a pair of twin 320mm discs, which should all work together to stop the bike almost as quickly as an unlit skip on a dark night.

As with La Corona's other bikes, the front end is lean and light, with a tiny 60mm speedo to complement that flat, fork-hugging Bates headlamp. Switches are by Posh with all the wiring is tucked away inside the bars, while Domino grips help the rider keep on top of the handling.

Rims are double wall aluminum reinforced Akront wearing Champion DeLuxe Firestones. While the seat and frame work are all bespoke to the build and made in-house, as are the wrapped exhausts, battery box, fender, etc. And it's all topped off with very tasteful and timeless paint in white with metallic bronze flash with black pinstripe and the understated La Corona tank logo. The bike strikes a perfect balance between being pretty and rugged, and just begs for a short summer ride to the beach with the girlfriend on the back. See more of La Corona's bikes on their website and blog, or check the La Corona pages here on the Bike Shed.