Left Hand Custom Cycles were founded just a couple of years ago, back in 2011, by Richard & Lex from the Netherlands. Being Dutchmen they love fixies as much as they love motorcycles, but we can forgive them their two-wheel chain-driven sins as they also created this absolutely gorgeous xs650 for our viewing pleasure, and we're very happy to be able to share it with all of you.

Like all of us here at The Bike Shed, they are inspired by the simplicity of the no-nonsense bikes of the 1970s and their aim is to keep this spirit alive with their builds.

This is LHC #3, one of their first projects, a Yamaha 650 that didn't even run when they fixed picked her up. The engine has been fully restored, and the seat unit, exhaust and electrics are all hand-crafted by LHC, while the rest of this build is all about getting rid of what isn't required and shrinking things that need to be there, like headlamps, tail-lights and rear fenders.

As for instruments, indicators and front fenders - who needs 'em. Lean & mean is what this bike is all about - and LHCs mantra is "Less is Less" - one whole level more extreme than "Less is More"!!! Look out for LHC #1 an LHC #2 coming soon to these pages, and follow Richard & Lex on their own blog HERE.

see also our blog: http://lefthandcycles.blogspot.nl Photo's made by LHL