LHC Transformer 1 So, you like cafe racer looks, with drop bars for that head-on aggressive look when you ride, but when it comes to day to day riding, you want something with a bit more of a Brat-style or Scrambler/Tracker riding position to weave through the city in comfort. LHC Transformer 2 Seems like Lex & Richard from Left Hand Cycles decided they wanted to have their cake and eat it by having a switchable set of bars available for one of their more recent builds, the Acid King. LHC Transformer 3 Continuing their post-apocalyptic take on the world, with biblical flooding and robotic alien warfare, they call this set-up The Transformer. The switchable kit of parts includes bars, cables and tank, all pre-designed to allow a fast changover, so you can commute through the city in scrambler comfort from Monday to Friday, and then take on a racing crouch every Sunday to ride the backroads with you quick riding buddies, and all on the same bike. LHC Transformer 4 ...or should that be... Take on a commanding riding position as you thread your way through the ruins of your once proud capital city, keeping an watchful eye out for zombies, and then hunker-down to speed across the atomic wasteland, avoiding prolonged over exposure to the radiation embedded in the scorched earth... LHC Transformer 5 See the original Acid King here, and more from Left Hand Cycles on the Bike Shed or the LHC blog. LHC Transformer 6