LCH xs650 RSFA Only in our little niche of badass brat-style street-bikes do motorcycle builders consider rust as being a finish worth keeping, and varnishing, but it really looks spot-on in this build by Richard & Lex from Left Hand Cycles in the Netherlands. LCH xs650 FARS MCU Their email to the Bike Shed opened with references to global warming and acid rain, rising sea levels and they call this bike the "Acid King", and I guess this bike does have a salvaged-from-the-sea look about it. LCH xs650 FALS MS LHC#1 is built around a 1978 XS 650. The brief was to create a 2013 bike with an industrial look. 2k varnish was used to preserve the rusty tank, but the rest of the rusty vibe is all down to high quality parts and materials, including the brown grips and well crafted seat. LCH xs650 FARS MS The electrics were re-made by LHC and run a mini 12V accu under the seat. The header pipes were taped with grey heat wrap and the silver-grey trumpet mufflers make a perfect complement. The spoked wheels and frame were powder coated black and shod with Dunlop K70s for a chunky look. LCH xs650 LSRA This build is lovely. It's really nicely proportioned, with a long, low stance and perfectly angled drop clip-on bars. What we like to call a cafe/brat. When sea levels do rise (a serious concern if you're from the Netherlands) I know what I'll be riding. See more from Lex & Richard at Left Hand Cycles on their site and more from them here on the Bike Shed LHC pages.