Luke's XS 1 After seeking out Robinsons Speedshop in Essex to chase down a story on his tastefully crafted GS750 cafe racer, we were greeted by an inbox full of quality photos of Luke's other builds, all put together since he gave up his day job as an engineer, and turned his camper-van renovation skills to the most noble cause of all. Bike building to order. Luke's XS 2 The xs750 shaftie has been the donor for quite a few really pretty customs from the likes of Spirit of the Seventies, and Ugly Motorcycles that end up being genuine Bike Shed favourites. The combination of the pretty three cylinder mill and a frame that allows for massive spaces to be left open and uncluttered, and the clean lines of a shaft drive, make it a bike predestined to produce an aesthetically pleasing build (when done properly) and this example from Luke's workshop is picture perfect, even with the side panels left on. Luke's XS 8 Luke's XS 6 The build was commissioned by a customer who'd seen Luke's previous black & white XS and wanted something similar but with a brat style seat instead of a bump-stopped cafe racer unit. As well as the flat seat what really sets the bike off is the colour combination of blue & white bodywork with brown seat and grips, and beige-wrapped headers on the two-tone engine paint. Luke's XS 5 Luke's XS 4 With forks pushed up through the yokes for a mean and low front end, no front fender, minimal clocks and a sidemounted plate and rear lights, the whole bike is as low, lean and uncluttered as you can get. Drop in a blue sky, a modest castle, and Bob's yer proverbial uncle for images worthy of a teenager's bedroom wall. Luke's XS 3 Check out more from Robinson's Speedshop on their Bike Shed page, and his Website, and look out for more from Luke on The Bike Shed in the coming couple of weeks. Luke's XS 7