Luke R GS750 8 Luke Robinson's bikes have been cropping-up for sale on ebay, quietly catching our attention with quality photos of some very beautifully designed bikes, all based around popular Japanese donors like CBs, XSs and GSs. Luke R GS750 1 Luke's managed to slip five bikes out into the cafe/custom market under our radar so far so we thought we'd better pull him in for more info and share some of his builds with all of you. Luke R GS750 2 Luke previously worked as a fabricator at an engineering company, but often found himself being roped into various projects and renovations from scooters to campervans, but as a life-long bike rider, from motocross and endurance to sportsbikes, it was cafe racers that really caught his imagination - so he decided to build one. Luke R GS750 3 This first build went down so well that Luke quit his job and started to build fulltime, and we're very glad he did. Luke R GS750 4 As Luke puts it, "there isn't any great secret or master plan that goes into the builds, I don't want to over-think it but just see how the bike wants to comes together, and so far it seems to be working…". Luke R GS750 7 Luke's approach is how a lot of people build custom bikes, and we often comment that it's those who pre-plan and properly design bikes that produce the most balanced looking bikes, but in Luke's case his build-as-you-go instinct is serving him well, as all his bikes seem to come out perfectly proportioned and just plain pretty. Including our favourite so far, this Suzuki GS750. Luke R GS750 5 For Luke, this black and silver cafe racer defines the genre, with a traditional look and feel to it. The bike has been heavily re-built and modified with a new partially rebuilt engine in the frame from a different bike, an aftermarket swingarm, rebuilt wheels, the carbs rejetted for pod air filters and more free-flowing pipes, re-worked suspension and loads more, from the seat to the subtle paint. The pictures speak for themselves. Luke R GS750 6 We have a few more of Luke's bikes to feature on The Bike Shed, so watch this space and check out his Facebook Page, Website - and maybe keep an eye out on eBay too.