I have a few bikes, but they’re all selfishly single seaters; so the Mrs said we should get something with a dual seat, straight away I start looking at Bonnies to make a twin seat brat style street scrambler and I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like once its customising would be done; and Jose & Tito from Macco Motors in Spain have only gone and robbed my visual thoughts and built the thing... but not for me; this is ‘The Lizard King’, a 2009 T100 Bonneville commissioned by (the very lucky) Christian from London. The-Lizard-KIng_2 As soon as this beauty popped into our inbox I couldn’t take my eyes off it, it’s just what I’m after, but I can’t even get them to build me one, at least not the same; just like any self respecting builder, they won’t repeat themselves; but they will do you your own unique and exclusive version. The-Lizard-KIng_1 Christian saw Maccomotors third build; a 2010 Bonneville SE called ‘Dusty Pearl’ and like me with this one; fell in love with it. So he got in touch and asked them to build him a ‘Dusty’... and it would seem he was not the only person to do so; as this is their sixth build but the second in what will now be known as the ‘Dusty Series’, so maybe I can get that Bonnie after all! The-Lizard-KIng_4 The design process started in photoshop using previous Dusty designs, we’re told ‘The idea was to create a comfortable, stylish Triumph, but rude at the same time. We try to mix performance and style in our work, focusing in harmony of shapes and respect the essence of the bike’ Something I think you’ll agree has been achieved. The-Lizard-KIng_3 One of the most stand out features for me are those Biltwell Thruster grips paired with that stunning cross stitched Maccomotors twin seat, looking at the grips you can’t help but notice that the bars are that bit more menacing, they too are Biltwell and they’re 1” tracker style bars for a wider, lower and chunkier stance. Levers are short racing style and they are centred by a single speedo with inbuilt info lights. Out front she wears a Bates headlamp protected by a purposeful grill; which is a Triumph part; but not a bike, a TR6 donated that! The-Lizard-KIng_7 The black wrapped headers lead to a pair of Predator BC exhausts; all slung under the alloy footpegs, front and rear; just as I would have wanted! The rear shocks have been replaced with a pair of Hagon Nitro’s whilst the front forks benefit from Hagon progressive springs for a much improved ride and smoother handling. The-Lizard-KIng_5 There’s more around this bike for the eye to find, whether it be the chopped subframe, the carbon fibre front fender, the modified Thruxton rear fender, the custom side panels, the paint job, the.... you get the idea... I’m still not bored of looking at this bike and I doubt I will be for some time, it really is just what I would have loved for myself... so Christian, if you tire of her (as if) please let me know! The-Lizard-KIng_6 Thanks go to Jose & Tito from Maccomotors for sharing yet another stunning build with us, for more from them you can see their website and their facebook page, the classy photographs were shot by the talented Sergio Ibarra from Semimate. We look forward to seeing the next in the ‘Dusty Series’.