Maccomotors Montessa Lside When Miguel first came to Tito & Jose of Maccomotors in Spain, they were just finishing up their chunky Kawasaki 1100ST so his little red Montessa 75 was about to take them to the opposite end of the scale in cubic centimeters, but with no less effort or attention to detail. As they put it - "from a thoroughbred horse to a grasshopper" Maccomotors Montessa Donor It was a 1976 Enduro 75L which had been sitting around in his garage for years, and didn't run. Miguel wanted the bike fixed up and customised, but he also wanted to preserve the essence of the bike... "I want your touch on it, but I want people to say; that´s a Montesa enduro.... uhmmm, isn´t it?" Maccomotors Montessa Comb03 Their plan was to turn the bike into a street tracker, and to retain the Montessa red paint but in a richer, more glossy tone. Maccomotors Montessa Rside The bike was stripped, rebuilt - including the engine - and refinished with all parts replaced or upgraded where needed. Original hoop sizes were retained and wear mis-matched Pirelli knobblies. Uprated rear Marzocchi E81 shocks help keep both wheels on the ground, while a simple white-wrapped reverse cone exhaust takes care of the sound-track. Maccomotors Montessa Combo2 Wide, flat Rizoma bars, simple clocks and switchgear are compulsory for a smart modern street custom, as is the maccomotors-built cutdown seat. Maccomotors Montessa Tank & Bars OH Could she be any skinnier? The slim profile and light weight would make this the perfect city commuter. Maccomotors Montessa FB Combo See more from the guys at Maccomotors on their pages on the Bike Shed, their new website, Maccomotors, and their Facebook page. Next up - a Triumph Bonneville SE. Photos credits go to Sergio Ibarra from Semimate.