Macco XS650 Mexican 1 This is 'The Mexican'. But it should technically be called the 'The Birminghamican' or 'The Mexingham' as there is almost as much Birmingham Small Arms in this bike as there is Mexico. Macco XS650 Mexican 2 The bike is a '75 Yamaha XS650 and it was commissioned by a Spanish engineer who now lives in Mexico. He was a big fan of Maccomotors previous builds, especially their Montesa Enduro 75 which was featured in The Shed back in May, so Jose & Tito wanted to reward his fandom with the 'perfect bike'. Macco XS650 Mexican 3 Unfortunately the donor for the 'perfect bike' was never officially imported into Spain, so the guys had to choose between just two bikes that were available in the whole country, neither of which were in great condition. The one the guys went with had so much rust that it needed to be rebuilt from the ground up, so god knows how bad the other one was. Macco XS650 Mexican 4 Once the basics were sorted it was onto the fun stuff. The subframe was chopped, the ignition and battery were relocated and on went forks from a Yamaha XS 850 and handlebars from Renthal. This was followed by some neat lights and control switches, and Biltwell Kung Fu grips (reminds us, have you seen Biltwell's new Gauntlet gloves? Only Biltwell could make gloves that long, look that cool). Then came a Bates headlight, K&N filters, mini cateye turn signals, Kawasaki enduro foot pegs, progressive rear shocks and Hagon progressive fork springs. Macco XS650 Mexican 5 We love the shape and finish of the seat on this bike, and its great to see pillion provision for a change. It really doesn't ruin the looks at all, and who doesn't want to be able to blat around town on a bike like this with their other half on the back? Macco XS650 Mexican 6 And what about the whole Mexican thing? Well Sergio, the owner, wanted a tribute to the country that he called home. So the guys painted Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec feathered serpent on the fuel tank. And Birmingham? Well Sergio also wanted a classic, old school BSA look. So Jose & Tito made covers for the front springs and studied old BSA's for the paint scheme. Macco XS650 Mexican 7 Those fork covers really make this build stand out from the crowd and is a great example of what this scene is all about. There are no rules. Want an old school BSA front end on a stripped back, brat style roadster from the 70's? Go for it. Just brace yourself for nicknames like 'The Mexingham.' Macco XS650 Mexican 8 See more from Jose and Tito on the Maccomotors website or on The Bike Shed’s Maccomotors page. Big thanks to Sergio Ibarra from Semimate for the great photos. Macco XS650 Mexican 9