Big Zed 1 RSide  800

Everyone loves a big Zed, so we were very chuffed when brothers Tito & Jose saw fit to send us photos of their very first build under the brand Maccomotors, a 1982 Kawasaki Z1100 ST shaftie.

Big Zed 1 Combo 3 800

The brothers hail from Chiclana de la Frontera, Cadiz, in the south of Spain and have clearly been busy trying to get things right from their very first outing in the cafe custom world, and with so many other talented Spanish builders around it's impressive that they've made such a credible start in this good company.

Big Zed 1 Tank Badge 800

Like many of us who love the individuality the custom biking scene allows, Tito & Jose decided that they had to start building their own machines and then share their hard work with the rest of us, via a new website, Maccomotors, and of course they have a Facebook Page you can follow too.

Big Zed 1 Lside 800

The donor bike, a Z1100 ST, came from a neighbour and wasn't even a runner due to valve issues - but at least it was a good price. Their goal was to create something beautiful, retro and functional, but to hang on to the aggression that 1100cc of musclebike provides.

Big Zed 1 OH Tank & Bars 800

They started out with a complete engine rebuild running Meiwa filters and a 2 into 2 Mivv exhaust, while the rear subframe was shortened to accommodate a Maccomotors seat.

Big Zed 1 Combo 1 800

Rear suspension comes courtesy of Marzocchi with a pair of E81 units with the wheels running Metzler Lasertech tyres.

Big Zed 1 Seat 800

Up front, Renthal Ultralows wearing Beston style grips help keep a low profile in comfort, complemented by a small single speedo, Bates headlight and ShinYo mini cat-eye turn-signals at both ends and Texas lamp at the back.

Big Zed 1 Ride 800

For a first build from a new shop it's a superb bit of work, but Tito & Jose also tell us that in less than a month they'll be adding a brat-style Montesa Enduro 75 to their stable (and hopefully our pages), plus they've started work on a Triumph Bonneville and have a Yamaha TTR lined-up to start work on in the next few days. Photos are by Sergio Ibarra from Semimate