Mahmut 1 THUMB Pencils are pretty impressive tools and being able to master using them is one of life's greatest gifts. It enables you to quickly and simply convey your ideas without the interference of bumbling diction. Mahmut is a car designer with a penchant for motorcycles and the associated handcrafted paraphernalia. Accompanied by his design capability he has set up Life in Paradigm in the hope of earning a living through expressing his passion and creating rolling artwork. Mahmut 2 This first build is dedicated to a dear friend and artist Ayesha Bhangra Mendi who sadly passed away. Mahmut 3 As prices for the typical custom donors rise out of reach, less obvious bikes are coming to the fore as canvases for folk to get creative. This 1981 Yamaha RS200 twin cylinder two stroke was bought for £360 a couple of years ago and awaited Mahmut's design time. Mahmut 4 The front end has been lowered with shorter springs and the rear is now supported by upgraded shocks. Mahmut 5 Ayesha left her mark with floral drawings on the Yamaha's engine cases which Mahmut followed, engraving the lines adding permanence and a fitting reminder to a much missed friend. A brass plaque replaces the need to ask questions about the artwork. Mahmut 6 The drop bars are custom made using newly learnt welding skills, with vintage grips to match the handmade leather seat. A new speedo offers a new lease of life to the little old stroker. The coffee coloured paint is subtle and blends with the raw metal components, black painted wheels and brown accents, all Mahmut's handiwork. Mahmut 7 Out of sight is a 1950s Castrol oil can converted to supply the lubricant to the pump; no premix in 1981, how very advanced! Mahmut 8 Underneath the exhaust wrap is a pair of handmade, stainless steel headers leading to a single sided muffler. Mahmut 9 Next on the bench is customer's Honda CB550 and a WW2 inspired Brit build, incorporating Spitfire aero parts; looking forward to seeing that one. Keep an eye on progress over on the Facebook page. In the meantime if you have some surplus pocket money, head to for leather goods and accessories for dappering-up your riding attire.