Maria Motorcycles in Lisbon seem to be keeping a low profile while building a stand-out cafe racer from one of our favourite platforms, the Ducati Supersport. Their Facebook page isn't giving much away and their website is under construction, so rather than do the gentlemanly thing and wait to hear more about this bike direct from the builders we've jumped the gun like an excited schoolboy and decided to post pics anyway. We hope you all approve. What we can see for ourselves is that this looks like an early 1990's 750 Supersport, which comes with a flatter frame than most Ducati's - making it easier to get tose cafe lines - but also benefits from a stable rear monoshock setup with a simple braced swingarm, plus these were built at a time when many Ducati Sport parts were fairly interchangeable, and loads of aftermarket manufacturers built exhaust and other upgrades, so swapping out wheels, swingers, foot controls or even heads was possible - although this bike appears to have has kept it's three-spokers and the basic chassis setup, while the exhaust is Supertrapp. Grips appear to be Brookes, Headlamp an LSL Clubman, but we can't see if there are any instruments without a top yoke shot. You can see that the rear subframe has been chopped and then swept-up to make room for an under-slung rear light, and it's a neat job that looks like it was there from the factory. Looking at the fact that the bike has retained rear footrests, we're wondering of the seat cowl is removeable, leaving a flat brat-style seat beneath for a pillion... That would be cool. I'm sure the guys will get back to us eventually, so we may add more details and spec to this post. Meanwhile we'll be keeping an eye out for more from Maria.