Martins CB750 1 Despite 30 years of evolution the Honda CB750 manages to make a superb custom cafe/brat donor whether from the 70s, 80s or 90s. All have that useful inline 750cc four, double cradle frame and simple configuration, and Honda's infamous build quality, but everyone has a different take on making them into a modern retro custom ride. This 1980 CB was built by Martin from Upminster in Essex and cost him just £185 on eBay and few years ago. Martins CB750 2 As an ex vehicle technician (aka mechanic) Martin likes to keep his hand-in, so, inspired by the Wrench Monkees and Cafe Racer Dreams he got down to business, starting with the usual rear-end frame chop and welded-on loop. Martins CB750 3 The bike was fully stripped, shot blasted and rebuilt, with new bearings and seals for the wheels, brakes and swingarm. The electrics were simplified and wired-in with a repositioned fuse box to new electrics, switchgear from an R1 and CB125, and clocks, which were donated by an XBR500. Martins CB750 4 "Other mods include R1 footpegs, Suzuki GSXR750 carbs, a bespoke battery/electrics box, seat mounting panel and seat units. There was umpteen other brackets and mods which I made but would be here all day. All the work was carried out by myself in my garage and I would hate to think how many hours went into it." ...but despite the incalculable hours, like most shed builds, it's still not finished. Martins CB750 5 Martin has designs on the engine, as one of the cylinders was scored. "Jobs to do include new pistons and a re-bore on a spare set of barrels." and then there's the jetting. " sailed through the MOT last week and is good fun to ride. As for future projects I am still making my mind up but hope to get some inspiration at the BSMC III show." Martins CB750 6 Thanks to Martin for sharing his build with all of us, and we look forward to seeing him and the bike at the BSMC III in about ten days time. Martins CB750 7