Salty CB250 Lside FA This 1972 Honda CB250 was built by Do The Ton forum member, Matt Hipsley, and was nominated for a hotly contested Bike of the Month. Matt has only been into bikes for the last 18 months, but been working on cars since the age of 16 so he already had all the skills he needed to build something cool and rideable. He says he couldn't be happier. "I was originally looking for a moped to ride to the train station, but thankfully my mate Sam convinced me to buy his CD250U instead, and from then on I’ve been hooked on custom bikes. I soon started devouring blogs like Pipeburn, Return of the Café Racers and BikeExif and quickly jumped on eBay looking for a project bike." Salty CB250 Tank & Lamp Matt picked up a 1972 CB250 close to home, which was stripped to the bare frame within a day of getting it home. The frame and wheels were sent off for powder coating while he tore down the engine, treating it to a reconditioned head and fresh gaskets. He tried to resist wrapping the headers, but it was going to be costly to buy new pipes, and minor pitting on the originals meant a ceramic coating was ruled out. Salty CB250 Lside MS The stock rims are laced with stainless spokes and fitted with oversized Firestone ANS tires inspired by the Holiday Customs CB450. Salty CB250 Engine The front and rear fenders were both chopped down, with the rear mounted slightly lower and the front mounted with water cut alloy brackets to suit the larger rolling diameter wheels. The custom Honda badges are a very nice touch. Matt drew them up using CAD and had them water-cut and engraved. The badges, engine covers, chain guard and the various water-cut alloy brackets were brush finished with scotchbrite. Salty CB250 LSide The tank and fenders were sandblasted and then coated in Jeep green with original style graphics before being clear-coated. Matt fabricated a sheet-metal seat pan, shaped some foam and then had it trimmed in leather by a local upholsterer. Salty CB250 Tank Accessories on the bike include a Daytona speedo, indicators and mirror, Posh grips, Dime City taillight and levers, Bates style headlight and custom switches. The alloy speedo mount, headlight mount and rear blinker mounts were also CAD designed before being water-cut. The majority of fasteners on the bike have been replaced with brand new stainless items. Salty CB250 Rside FA "I’m stoked with the way it turned out for a first bike project. The entire bike was garage built, except for powder coating and trim." Next up Matt's planning a Yamaha YB100 which has some serious natural patina and a Yamaha Scorpio surf tracker with an extended swingarm and USD forks. "I’m blessed with a perfect moto stable/ workshop and an understanding girlfriend that allows me to have a few too many projects underway." Salty CB250 RSide MS This bike is now sold to one happy buyer, but for anyone interested in a build contact Matt by email. You can also see the CB build photos, and keep up to date with future builds at Matt's Salty Speed website, and on Facebook. Salty CB250 Ride Keep em coming Matt.