Industry Bike Shows usually just full of the usual yawn-inducing industry waffle, but it's interesting to note more than a few nods and winks towards the world of street customs, scramblers and cafe racers from a few exhibitors at the International Bike show in Milan. I'm no bike journo, so I can't give you any insight, but check out Derestricted's Blog with pics taken at the event. I'm sure more will emerge in the coming days, backed up b proper news, but visually these are the highlights for me... so far.

The WR is of course a favourite base for new builds by the likes of Deus, so increasing capacityfrom 650 to 800cc can only be good news. The base bike looks better too. I like those slim clocks. Were they always like that?

Despite being out of production since 2009 the Ducati Sport Classic 1000 still feels like a relevant and important head-turner. Maybe they need to start production again?

Triumph always seem to inspire some great builds and customs. It's a shame they're not just a little lighter and quicker. It's great what a bit of paint and upholstery can do in this pair.

But this one took a little more effort. Love the beefy fork shrouds and red headers.

Moto Guzzi also seem to have their act together with the newer v7. What a great donor bike for a proper stripped-back cafe. If it's going to keep being this interesting I may have to go next year.