mokka-cycles-cx500-26-of-26We've waxed plenty lyrical about Mokka Cycles over the last three years. Still young and keen to impress, company founder Arpi packs his van and travels to all of our shows, each and every time demonstrating that attention to detail and a neat finish counts for a lot. More than a lot, it's pretty much everything. Even if patinated rat bikes are your thing, you can't beat a proper finish. mokka-cycles-cx500-9-of-26 Mokka's Budapest workshop has turned-out a range of splendid motorcycles but Honda's CX and GL models appear to have found favour with their customers. Somehow Arpi had managed to find a CX that hadn't been around the world and back, this one had only covered 17,000 kms and was like new. mokka-cycles-cx500-11-of-26Despite the un-thraped condition the donor was promptly reduced to a skeletal form and attacked with a grinder. The stock pressed steel monstrosity of a subframe made the recycling bin and is sure to turn up as a washing machine carcass at some point. A swooping tubular replacement now props-up an in-house upholstered saddle and provides mounts for the new adjustable shocks. Arpi obsesses over making things just right, admirable behaviour when the aftermarket parts available these days remove so much thinking and fabricating time from a custom project. He machines his own switchgear and indicators, and is rightly very proud of them. At the rear, shock mounting bolts run through the machined aluminium indicator housing and are hidden by turned perspex plugs, containing the super-bright LEDs. mokka-cycles-cx500-2-of-26Comstar wheels do look cool, of that there's little doubt but compared to spoked wires they're a bit lardy. Mokka now offer a conversion kit for the CX, complete with lightweight Excel rims, stainless spokes and modified hubs. The rear at least, the front fitted here is from a Kawasaki ZX6R. In fact the whole front end has been swapped not only giving much plusher adjustable suspension but also much larger discs and more purposeful calipers. See what I mean, Arpi likes a bit of lathe time. Perhaps he should seek a patent on those LED shock mounts before those German M-gadget chaps come up with something similar. mokka-cycles-cx500-23-of-26The inside of the engine didn't need attention so the outside was treated to a coat of matt black paint instead. Obviously a top to tail service was part of the schedule but it's hardly worth mentioning as gone are the days when a builder will let their reputation leave the workshop without a thorough going-over. That said, the carbs have been re-jetted for pod filters and an open exhaust. The latter is Arpi's own handiwork in stainless rather than an off-the-shelf job. As we've come to expect, paint is an in-house affair too, subtly motifed and striped; embellished with a genuine Honda tank badge. mokka-cycles-cx500-16-of-26 Whether this is a Brat-tracker or Street-scrambler or somewhere in-between is perhaps irrelevant. What Mokka produce is an extension of Arpi's engineering passion and for whoever ends up owning a Mokka Cycle they'll certainly enjoy looking at the intricacies of their machine, as much as riding it. Read the Mokka story from the beginning and keep up with progress of builds on Bike Shed Archive | Facebook | Web Images by Peter Mosoni Photography