Kevils De Caf 1 By now Kevils Speedshop builds need little introduction, but what some of you will have noticed is that Kev Hill and his crew seem to be upping their game, bike by bike, build by build. It's fair to say that there's a lot of competition out there when it comes to building a quality custom BMW Boxer, so the way to hang on to your credentials is to up the ante. The good news for all of us punters is that there are some awesome Beemers being built out there as a result. This is one of the loveliest we've seen, well; since the last Kevils build on the Bike Shed. Kevils De Caf 2 This bike was commissioned by Gabe, who is the founder of a very cool new-world coffee shop, with his own hand-picked beans (must take ages to brew a cup) based in the heart of hipsterville; Shoreditch in London. The bike is aptly named, De Caf, although it looks far from being decaffeinated - more like an expresso - so we'll take the meaning as De(the) Caf (Cafe), ...East London style. Kevils De Caf 3 The donor is a 1981 R80. "After a few months scanning cool sites like The Bike Shed (cheers Kev) for some inspiration Gabe finally made his decisions on how he wanted his bespoke Kevils BMW to look; very minimalist with bare brushed aluminium tank, seat pod and headlamp fairing, combining this unpainted raw alloy look with a satin black engine, transmission and signature snowflake alloy wheels, Tan leather seat and detailing." Kevils De Caf 4 "We even fitted our infamous high-level stainless exhaust system textured cocktail shaker silencer the side mounted license plate balances things up as well as keeping the tail clean, the led halo headlight also adds a ultra modern twist sitting pretty inside our new hand made alloy headlight cowl, this iconic Cafe Racer will certainly draw attention to Gabe's Cafe." Kevils De Caf 5 There are loads of details on this build that mark it out against the flurry of airhead customs out there, what we noticed straight away was the hand stitched tan leather upholstery and grips that were hand made out of leather boot laces. Touches like these look really great alongside the brushed raw metal and manages to conjour-up roughness and class all at once. Kevils De Caf 6 The handmade headlight cowl also adds a bespoke feel to the build, but matching this with an LED Halo headlight really helps stamp the bike's identity as modern retro, with shades on the Tron Legacy Ducati. This is backed up by the drilled adjustable black shorty levers, and updated master cylinders with remote reservoir; the kind of setup more usually seen on streetfighters and 90's sportsbikes, but surprisingly appropriate on this Shoreditch-bound 80s boxer custom. Kevils De Caf 7 The rest is the usual Kevils quality, such as the Raask rear-sets working with the slightly down-turned bars, and of course the knowledge that this bike has been re-built from the ground up with quality new wiring, finishes and internals. Kevils De Caf 8 As usual, you can see more from Kevils Speedshop here on The Bike Shed’s Kevils pages, their Facebook page and Website. The very lovely pictures were taken by Ashley Kent on location at Exeter Quay in Devon. Kevils De Caf 9 We hope to show this bike in the flesh, along with loads more from Kevils, at the BSMC III exhibition this May, just two miles down the road from Gabe's Shoreditch cafe, at London's Tobacco Docks. See you there.