Moto Sumisura 1 This bike started out life as 1977 BMW R100S, but nearly ended on the Autostrade 1 when the owner decided to try to average a 'ton up' the whole way from Bologna to Milano on his way to visit Moto SuMisura. Potentital new customer Luca had bought the BM as a gift for his father but didn't know one end of a spanner from the other so enlisted Frank's expertise to build something a bit special. Moto Sumisura 2 After a bump start, a trail of oil and some help from Technical Director Inge, the worn out old girl was coaxed the final few kilometers to Moto SuMisura's HQ. The spirited ride and weeping gaskets had used up all but a cupful of engine oil so Frank had to break the news to Luca that an expensive and comprehensive rebuild was required. Moto Sumisura 4 The engine was completely overhauled and given a new lease of life, the original 1000cc providing plenty of torque, and a deep note from the wrapped headers and megaphones accompany the sharp new look. Forks are standard with rebuilt internals and rather tasty, adjustable Oram shockers bring up the rear. Moto Sumisura 5 The wheels have been powder coated black and fitted with fresh Metzelers, together disappearing slightly to allow the monolithic motor, light grey frame and two-tone tank (with Monza cap) to take the stage. Moto Sumisura 6 Where possible weight has been reduced, never a bad thing on these beasts, and billet aluminium parts replacing pig iron where possible. Standout are the BMX style, machined rider and pillion foot pegs. The levers have been drilled giving the impression of lightness and draw the eye to the vintage odometer. Moto Sumisura 7 The rim of the glass is tinted green in the style of the namesake Rolex Milgauss, which looks great lit up. Steel braid sheathes the cabling and machined aluminium grips wrapped in leather subtly mix materials without distracting from the rest of the bike. Moto Sumisura 8 Upon completion Luca turned up to collect his father's resplendent gift. He was so delighted with the result, that the bike has been named Marea after his daughter whilst poor old dad waits for a replacement present. Moto Sumisura 3 Keep an eye out for Moto SuMisura's next project. Frank will be chomping at the bit to tell us all about it. See more from Moto Sumisura on The Bike Shed and on their Facebook Page.