The Indian Scout has such a fantastic engine that it's a victim of its own success, you end up riding them much faster than the cruiser aesthtics should allow. There are already some cracking flat tracker conversions available but French custom shop Motorieep had other ideas - keep the traditional look but add some top of the range mods. The most obvious is the new front end, a fully adjustable Öhlins FG fork replaces the comaprtivly skinny RWU setup. Brembo P4 34/34 calipers now grip 320mm discs thanks to an in-house machined bracket made from 7075 aluminium. The stock cast wheels are gone too, the Scout now rolls on Behr 40 spoke aluminium rims and stainless spokes - 5.5" at the rear and 3.5" up front, both 17" in diameter rather than the orignial sixteens. A pair of Öhlins piggyback shocks destined for a Harley Street 750 suspend the rear. Wide tracker bars with Renthal risers are fitted to triple trees also machined in-house. The stock speedo is well designed and relatively unobrtusive so that was left in place, the only nod to minimalism up front is the barend mounted Motogadget M-Blaze indicators. The Scout's forward controls are also missing, if there's one thing that hampers an enthusiatic ride it's dragging your heels and scratching pegs that touch-down a little early. The controls on the Motorieep Scout are nearly rearsets, mounted on custom brackets. Carrying a pillion is still an option thanks to swing arm mounted pegs. The saddle itself is made up of a composite base, dense foam and upholstered with black vinyl. As with the new Scout Bobber the subframe on this bike now lives inside the rear mudguard, although this is a fabricated structure specifically for the project. The shape of the guard was tweaked slighly for a sleeker appearance. The matt bronze paintjob is subtle but the noise emitted from the stainless headers and small muffler certainly won't be, these 1130cc twins really sing when nearing the 9000 rpm redline. A remap was required to ensure perfect running now the Scout has been uncorked. Motorieep is offereing a limited run of just three of these Scouts and we'd be interested to hear how they ride. Any potential customers... please drop us a line and let us know. In the meantime check out their previous work Bike Shed Archive | Facebook | Web | Instagram