Northwest Cafe Riders - RockBox 1 Not many people get given a custom motorcycle as a wedding gift, but this SR250 was built for exactly that purpose. Since 2011 Northwest Cafe Riders have built a few SRs into Street Trackers, Scramblers and Cafe Racers, but this street scrambler was the first to be commissioned as a present from childhood friends for a bride & groom. The Bike has been named Rockbox after the musical instrument shop run by the bike's new owner. Northwest Cafe Riders - RockBox 2 The brief was to build a lightweight "comfortable bike for two" (it is a wedding gift, after all) with a retro look. It also had to be elegant but completely functional and easy to ride. With a keen focus on the ride, the front forks have been given more pre-load with new springs and thicker oil and the replacement rear gas shocks are adjustable. The handlebars are wide and low to give good cornering stability. Northwest Cafe Riders - RockBox 3 As you'd expect, everything that wasn't required has been stripped with instruments and lighting replaced with smaller versions and the subframe and seat remodelled. Super-short fenders are just enough to give some practical cover in the wet. The electrics were also thoroughly revised and simplified. Northwest Cafe Riders - RockBox 4 The engine has been given a good going over sorting out tolerances, grinding the valves, de-coking the cylinder, new rings, etc and it breathes more freely without the airbox, rejetted carbs and open megatron pipes. All this helps the bike spin-up more easily and rev higher = more speed. The tyres are Avon MKIIs. Northwest Cafe Riders - RockBox 5 These smaller SRs make great city bikes, and this build by Northwest Cafe Riders is a lovely example. We'd love to see more, from NCR, so thanks to Jose for sharing. See more at their Blog and Facebook.