Our buddy Niels from Hamburg, Germany spent last spring in the workshop prepping a pair of Kriedler 125s for him and another pal Maxwell to race at UK events over the summer. If you haven't heard of a Kreidler you've missed out, they've ben going nearly as long as Harley-Davidson!!, This pair of trellis framed budget customs punched well above their weight, on track and off. 2017 Dirtquake battle really was something, check the videos below. And yes, of course we are biased, the guys are not only our friends but without request or prompting repped the BSMC/250 London race jersey - order yours here - and tag photos #RaceBSMC to win a prize! Now, the reason we're jumping on the media coattails of this year's Dirtquake is to get some eyes on Niels' video series, Live Wild & Free.
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