With the Dakar Rally underway I've had to unfollow all of my heroes and favourite teams in case a glory post spoils the stingey 20 minutes of Eurosport TV coverage each evening. The void in my feed was partially filled over the weekend by this very decent looking Yamaha XTZ750 Super Ténéré by Italian Workshop North East Custom, courtesy of Bike Exif. I had two of these Super Tens about a decade ago and had planned to ride (one of them) from London to South America and follow some of the rally route. Both shat themselves on the way home from purchase - one tried to kill me on the M6 when the rear spindle wound its way out, and the other shat it's electrics on the A3. I sold them and bought a Cagiva, the rest is history. Anyway, when sorted properly these old adventurers are great bikes and I'd like another at some point. The details on this one can be found, along with a load more photos by Felippo Molena, in the Bike Exif feature. North East Custom Web | Instagram | Facebook