Cupa 1 It seems our prediction, that Dominators are set to dominate 2014, is coming to fruition, as yet another 1990's Honda nx650 Tracker arrives at the Bike Shed. This one was built by Oscar Tasso, better known as OC Garage, in Italy, and this is their first build of the year. Cupa 2 Apparently 'Cupa' in Italian means “dark, deep, gloomy female", but for Oscar, and this bike, it is also an acronym for “CUore e PAssione” which translates into English as heart and passion. And then (to confuse the naming thing a bit further) there is that bright copper colour... "The most important and innovative thing about this bike is the copper. I used copper for the fuel tank, shock absorber spring, the rear sub-frame, valve cover, and other accessories. Is most important to know that the copper on the bike, is not a paint but a chemical process that allows the use of copper." Cupa 3 The inspiration for the build was "to unite the past with the present" in a scrambler that would "grow old with the owner" (hence the copper, which should gain a patina with age). Oscar compares this to wrinkles, and goes on with other colourful metaphors; "motorcycles must have a living soul, this scrambler has a soul and takes you through life, getting older with you, like the knight and his horse, living and growing old together." ...You just cannot beat Italian passion! Cupa 4 The donor is a 1996 Honda NX650 Dominator fitted with an XL125 tank - which took Oscar five long weeks to give the aged copper finish. The seat and subframe were hand built, while the forks were shortened 35mm. New electrics and a mini Lithium battery keep things reliable on the starter button, and in terms of the engine and tuning the overhauled and upgraded carbs are fitted with new free-flowing filters instead of the airbox, and a 2 into 1 exhaust was custom built with a Titanium endcan. Cupa 5 New brakes and transmission finish of the bike's mechanicals while re-anodised wheels were fitted with galvanised spokes, wearing chunky offroad tyres to complete the scrambler vibe. We're enjoying this set of builds by OC garage. All of them have a tale to tell and a style of their very own. See more from OC Garage on The Bike Shed, and their Website, plus more of this build in progress on VIDEO