Over the last couple of years we've seen an influx in the number of bikes hitting our inbox sporting a fairing. Sure, a particularly neat and tidy bratted CB or R80 has its place but the resurgence in clad-customs is causing a trouser tremor for folk of a certain age. Anyone who remembers that imfamous scene in Mad Max where Goose is ejected from his Kawasaki Z-thou will recognise this, the latest from Oscar Tasso of OC Garage.
The customer, Sauro from Jesi near San Marino in Italy commissioned the build, specifying inspiration from the now legendary cult film but also his passion for WW2 aircraft. In particular the Japanese Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" long range fighter that made a bit of a mess at Pearl Harbour.
The base bike is a later model than than the 1977 KZ1000 originally used in the movie, a '92 retro-naked Zephyr 1100. Although slightly more modern the donor is still 25 years old and the mechanicals needed a full overhaul to ensure future reliability and enjoyment.
The ageing electrical system wasn't to be trusted either, Oscar replaced and upgraded most of it - although fancy Motogadget boxes weren't required as this old girl still wears full size bulbs and reflectors, none of that LED stuff here.
Obviously the standout mod is the fairing. For the film Melbourne based La Parisienne produced the fairings but they went bust soon after the cinemas emptied. More recently there are a few companies who've revived the silhouette with new fibreglass mouldings, giving the near Bosozoku style. These kits don't come with any bracketry so Oscar had to fabricate and weld his own, meaning a new subframe and bracing around the headstock. The grey paint is a similar tone to that Mitsubishi used on the naval versions of the fighter. And the designation letters.... you can work that one out. Ok so this isn't the most extreme custom we've published but for those of us who like a bit of bodywork to get behind it needed sharing. Check out more from OC Garage the Bike Shed Archive | Facebook | Web