Josep Maria L.Blanes 2014 is definitely shaping up to be the year of the tracker, and if we had to choose a favourite so far, OSB/1 would be a strong contender. Josep Maria L.Blanes Octopus Soul Bikes (a strong contender for name of the year too) is run by ex-pilot, mechanic and designer, Jordi Ciscar. Jordi and his father Joan, who has more than 40 years of mechanical experience, started OSB in 2013 to build bikes for those who don't see anything they like coming from the major manufacturers. I guess that's us then. Josep Maria L.Blanes A good old Honda NX 650 Dominator was the starting point for this compact, agile and reliable scrambler. The frame was trimmed down and the subframe completely re-built from scratch. The wheels were replaced with an 18" up front and a 17" out back. The wheels were taken from an Aprilia Motó 6.5, now there's a rare bike. Has anyone done something interesting with one of those yet? The tank is from an equally rare and interesting 1987 Honda NSR 75cc. The rear shock absorber is from a Suzuki GSX and has reduced the ride height significantly, making it easier for the rider to dominate the dominator. Josep Maria L.Blanes Hiding the electrics, battery and all of it's components was a particular challenge. The solution the guys came up with was to mount the CDI in the toolbox, and build a case for the battery and starter circuit under the seat. The final piece of the electrical jigsaw was to hide the fuse box cleverly inside the main frame tube. Josep Maria L.Blanes The front and the rear mudguards, the seat unit, and the design and paint job were all done by the clearly very talented OSB crew. And it's the aesthetics that really push this tracker right to the top of the pile. Many a builder can make a Dommie lighter and more agile, few can give them a look as spot on as this one. Josep Maria L.Blanes Sometimes it's best to let the builder sum up his work in his own words. That's definitely the case this time as Jordi says his aim was to "create a bike that we would like to have between our legs, but could also park in the living room." Thanks Jordi, we couldn't have said it better ourselves. Josep Maria L.Blanes For more info on Octupus Soul Bikes (just couldn't resist saying that name one more time) go to Photos by Josep Maria L.Blanes