Oil & Blood Black Betty 1 A Triumph badge, drop bars, cafe seat, and open pipes. Check, check, check and, check... It's a simple formula, but it's also a winning one, so we're very pleased to share this bike from Oil & Blood. Proprietor Steve Carter is from Las Vegas Nevada and is the co-owner of this vintage lifestyle shop. "We sell apparel, bags, gear and when we can part with them we sell motorcycles. This was my first build and personal bike for a year or so. It has since been sold, but the memory of it is sweet." Oil & Blood Black Betty 2 "My father is a mechanic and I grew up always loving muscle cars. Then several years ago I was backpacking through Central America and was really surprised to see that a motorcycle was really used as transportation more than just a luxury. I can still picture a family of 4 riding through the streets of Guatemala on a little 100 cc bike. After returning home I knew that I was destined for a life on two wheels." Oil & Blood Black Betty 3 "The bike is a 2007 Triumph Bonneville. Aka Black Betty. After searching the likes of craigslist for hours on end I found a stock Bonnie 5 hours away from Vegas. It only had 3500 miles on it. Since the triumph is such a good platform to begin with most of the changes are more aesthetic than performance." Oil & Blood Black Betty 4 "I ditched the original pipes and had it jetted for the straight headers “sounds awesome!”. I took the spoke wheels to get powder coated black and threw some trail wing knobbies on it. Then I found a Thruxton seat and had a custom leather job done to it and shaved the seat down a bit" Oil & Blood Black Betty 5 Steve has also cleaned up the front of the bike, with a much-needed mini-speedo (what were Triumph thinking?), and clubman drop bars are fitted with ASV levers, and the headlight bucket is now black. Steve has also opted to fit a steering damper, which considering the knobblies, might be a very good idea. The straight-through pipes are titanium-wrapped and the finishing touches are a custom fender eliminator (tail tidy - in English) and the badges have been swapped. Oil & Blood Black Betty 6 Steve again: "I now describe the bike as a Blacked-out café racer that Mad Max would ride. The bike rides great, especially with the aid of the steering damper, and even though I have knobby on it it still hugs the twisties quite nice." Oil & Blood Black Betty 7 The bike has now been sold and the new owner couldn’t be happier. Next up from Oil & Blood will be a BMW R100 RT street Tracker, which we look forward to sharing here on The Bike Shed. See more from Oil & Blood Here. Hang on babe... Oil & Blood Black Betty 8