Juan Rosal from Old Soul Young Blood got in touch after we saw this 1982 sx 650 build on their Facebook pages and wanted to see more. Juan didn't exactly know what kind of motorcycle he wanted to build, but he knew he wanted something old, so after a lot of searching the small ads and online listings he picked up this 1982 Yamaha xs650 on eBay with only 3,600 original miles. It wasn't pretty, but it was just what he needed to get started. Juan Rode it around for a little over a year until he got the itch to start taking her apart. Although he knew what he wanted the bike to look like it was his first, and he didn't know how he was going to get there, but desire took over and he just pushed ahead with the strip down, and the bike started to come together through picking up vintage parts on eBay and at swap meets. Once Juan did as much as he could in his shed he took my bike to a local builder to get the rear fender mounted, plus supports welded on a Benelli tank, got the Hodaka headlight installed, along with some new wiring. Since then Juan has started up his own company, along with his brother and good friend, called Old Soul Young Blood in Miami, Fl and four years later they have several builds under their belts. "Needless to say A Lot has been learned. From welding to sandblasting to powdercoating to wiring. We have made some great friends along the way with the people at Dime City Cycles, Iron & Air, and Dotheton. For more on Old Soul Young Blood follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Online." Looks like the party has already started!