Pancake CB750 Bol d'or 1 Boy Janssen from Pancake Customs in Amsterdam is back, and it didn't take him long to pick-up where he left off last year with his debut CB550 build, and come back with this Brat-style Honda CB750 Bol D'or - or at least that's what he was told it was when when he picked the bike up - in a box. Boy had no idea what the bike was supposed to look like, since it was in bits, but he'd seen an example of the bike in custom trim at Cafe Racer Dreams so he was pretty confident that he could do something cool with it. Pancake CB750 Bol d'or 2 You might remember that before he built the 550 not only had Boy never worked on a motorcycle, he hadn't even ridden a bike, so he spent the summer riding and getting in as many miles as he could, enjoying the positive reaction to his first build. He also upgraded his living room workspace to a an actual workshop. So, on to the build, and that tank shape... "I really love how long the original tank is, but the weird shape on the bottom ruined the lines of the bike in my eyes. I fixed this by blacking out the bottom of the tank and having that line flow with the custom seat." Pancake CB750 Bol d'or 3 As with all good street customs the aim was to strip as much off the bike as possible and only leave what was absolutely necessary for it to function. All the wiring and electrics were cut back and re-made, leaving little more than the starter and light switches, with a small rivetted battery box to hold everything. The carbs were switched to a set from a GSX-R and fitted with pod filters, and a second hand exhaust was chopped-up and modified to fit. The engine was then blacked out, and the frame got the usual chop, loop and slimline seat. " My buddy did the upholstering, and the leather actually comes from an old leather couch so that adds some nice patina." Pancake CB750 Bol d'or 4 The top yoke was shaved back and had a small speedo mounted onto it along with some with low-profile scrambler bars, mounted onto BMX clamps and wearing BMX grips (Boy's other passion). The forks were also shortened about 2 inches for a more aggressive stance and sharper turn-in. The fenders were hacked back to the minimum and re-shaped, and the lighting replaced with a scrambler headlamp & grille on a Bates style mount and a Highway Hawk tail light. Mirrors and indies; not required. Pancake CB750 Bol d'or 5 The bike carries a similar silhouette to a few CB750 customs out there, but this is an amazing start in such a short time, and it's clear that Boy, and his Pancake Customs, are finding a rhythm in their builds and we look forward to seeing where the future takes them. And of course we'll be here to help document it all. Next up, an xs650 hardtail. Meanwhile, this CB is for sale. See more on The Bike Shed and on Pancake Customs' Facebook page.