Tim & Kev at Spirit have just delivered another great custom job on a Triumph Scrambler, but this time it was more of a makeover than a ground-up chop or build, but best of all, this kind of work is less expensive than you'd think, and well within reach of anyone with a scrambler that deserves a little TLC.

Start with one of these... then hand the keys to Tim & Kev...

You can see from these pics the amount of work that has gone into this bike, with plenty of quality aftermarket parts, but as bespoke builders Tim & Kev are not knocking up catalogue builds; - you get exactly what you want, in both spec and design. If you have a Triumph Bonnie or Scrambler that could be just a little more unique, better specced-out, or maybe carry a little more gravitas on the road, get in touch with the guys and tell them what you're after. When it comes to the new Hinckley bikes, the boys have found a groove and I think they're really onto something special. Check out their previous stunning Triumph Spirit 6 custom (pictured again above), here and for more from the horse's mouth, check out Spirit's own blog here, with more bikes and cool stuff.