Pure Breed CB360 1 THUMB Two years of trading and Canadian bike builders, Purebreed Fine Motorcycles are going strong and Guillaume Brochu, along with his girlfriend Maude are doing it right. Guillaume regards Purebreed to be his mega full time occupation, which just proves that if your life is built around all you love, then it simply has to be deemed as mega! Pure Breed CB360 3 So to continue the 'life built around what you love' theme... this bike was built for Maude, she had never ridden a motorcycle before, but Guillaume insists that she loves him so much that she decided to take her bike test (I think it may also be because bikes are cool and she looks good on them G!), Maude supports Guillaume in the running of their Café Racer build shop and therefor deserves to have a cool ride of her own. Pure Breed CB360 4 So it all started with finding the right donor, the requirement was for something super light and nimble, but with enough grunt not to be left behind on a ride out and something Maude can gain experience and progress on. Guillaume managed to source a pristine 1975 CB360, the plan was Maude would ride it for the end of the biking season ahead of its transformation, but sadly whilst she looked pristine, the head had been starved of oil and the bike wasn't going anywhere without a rebuild. Pure Breed CB360 8 Not content with just a skim and a new gasket set, Guillaume set about given the little CB a bigger displacement, a 378cc big bore with 10.5" compression forged Wiseco pistons, ported and polished head by JPrecision, a stage 4 Web Cams camshaft and hardened followers. Mikni VM30 carbs with ported to match intake, a Pamco Electronic ignition, Barnett Clutch and finally the sublime 100% custom 2-1 steel exhaust by Jason Hunt. Pure Breed CB360 6 The engine and its attachments were well and truly spoilt, but there was more to do to get this little Café Racer turning heads, although I'm sure the sound from that exhaust will get most peoples heads rotating. The aftermarket list is pretty standard, just check any bike featured on the site, they all get the same parts upgraded, but the key is getting the right bits for your build, whether it be size, cost or aesthetics, and Guillaume's choice of parts just blends into the build seamlessly, and that's the art of custom bike building. Pure Breed CB360 10 Mini turn signals inserted into the rear frame tubes always makes for a tidy tail and I love the way the seat envelopes the stop/tail light, the view into the bike is uninterrupted right up to the cone filters. The rear shocks are FOX Podium R's whilst up front the forks received Racetech Cartridge emulators with progressive forks. Pure Breed CB360 2 The front of the build is dressed with an LSL Scrambler headlight, Motogadget Motoscope classic meter, Magura master cylinder, CRG Mirrors and Tarrozzi clip ons wearing Tomaselli grips. She looks so clean and well laid out, this is what I mean about the right parts for the right build! Pure Breed CB360 7I'm a true believer in saving the best for last, so on to the paint... this is the part of a build that can make or break it, trust me I know from personally experience on both the make and the break... The colour tone of green and off white are a match made in heaven; many Canadians will have you believe that Canada is much like heaven, but whilst it is lovely there, this particular heaven is Stuttgart; Guillaume was inspired by late 70's Porsche 911's, that era not only produced some fantastic and iconic motor vehicles, but the colour schemes were what so many of us want back, it was a time where dark metallic brown with black accents was, in Guillaumes words, macho and austere! Pure Breed CB360 11 Huge thanks to Guillaume and Maude for sharing this lovely little CB with us, we hope to see more coming from your Café Racer Shop in 2015, all that is left is to ask a question... are you related to Sebastian Vettel? Photo credits go to Eric Lajeunesse