Way down in deepest darkest Devon you'll find Kevils Speed Shop, run by Kevin Hill (see what he did there) who appears to have mastered the art of re-shaping old BMW Boxers into desireable - and affordable - cafe racers and flat trackers. Not only do these bikes make brilliantly practical customs (as we've seen with our very own Untitled MC's bikes) they are also reliable, solid and, with donor bikes aplenty, they're an extremely keenly-priced way to own a peice of something unique. This is Kev's latest creation - the Snapper is based on an R100. Most of the custom parts are locally sourced and there seems to be a ready supply of unused old parts available too. The bikes are properly strippped and refinished, with new filters and seals, stainless bolts and rewiring, and build time is aroung 6 weeks per bike. I have to say that the Snapper is our clear favourite, but the Spider runs it a close second and would make a killer town bike.

The Spider

The Baron



But the very best thing about these bikes isn't the cool cartoon paint jobs, or the neat proportions and timeless looks - it's the value for money. Find Kevils on Facebook or Flickr. Contact Kev at Kevils@hotmail.com or call 07862 122 131. So what are you gawping at? ...Check your credit rating and then just go and order one.