Despite the long production run, simplicity of design, and Italian heritage afforded by it's maker, the Ducati Monster hasn't made the biggest impression on the custom cafe scene, probably because of the V-shaped trellis frame that won't accomodate tanks that fit the wide selection of spine-framed, Japanese donors.

Some of you may alread have come across Roberto Totti's recyled Ducati Monsters on EXIF, and while they are lovely customs, until now they haven't followed those traditional flat cafe lines that define what many of us love about the cartoon profile of a proper cafe motorcycle. But this is all changing, because the brilliant Totti has added this new aftermarket MotoClub tank to the long list of options on his cafes and scramblers, and suddenly all is well with the world.

Or to put it another way, if you really love the Ducati Sports Classic 1000, but can't find one for love nor (sensible) money, then build one from scratch using a Ducati Monster as the donor bike.

It'll takes a few months, you may need to find a donor (pick anything from 1993 to 2005 that runs carbs and not FI), and the work will cost a few thousand Euros - depending on spec, but you will end up with a reliable, quick, well-suspended, super-light custom, that can be serviced at your local Ducati dealer just like any Monster.

In fact the mods are completely reversible as nothing is cut or thrown away.

Roberto - we take our proverbial hats of to you and your ingenuity, and in fact, I'm seriously considering one as a second bike. Absolute genius.

...Anyone got a 916-engined 2005 S4 that they dont want?

I'd like it looking a bit like this please...