Redmax CB750 1 Steve Hilary and the Redmax Speedshop hardly need an introduction, essentially, if you want a Street Tracker and don't want to wait for Mule to send you one from the 'States, Steve will build you something pretty special. Not just Trackers though, have a look at their website for a selection of Cafe Racers for sale and mid build projects. Once you're done with reading this and check out the Ducafe that featured at the Bike Shed events and is one of my favourite customs of the last few years. Cafe Racer by RedMax Speedshop. July 2013. Steve had been waiting for a Kawasaki to cross his bows in order to build a Mad Max style '70s Cafe Racer, instead, this CB750 SOHC turned up. While other projects were being fettled and finished the tatty and unloved Honda sat in the corner awaiting attention. Eventually bench space freed up and she was stripped down, undies and all. Cafe Racer by RedMax Speedshop. July 2013. The frame and ancillaries received a good ol' coat of black powder whilst the engine had a makeover. It seemed a shame not to squeeze a few more ponies out so an 850cc big bore kit was fitted. The original pipes were binned and replaced with a 4-into-1 and GP style 'silencer', it really burbles now! Cafe Racer by RedMax Speedshop. July 2013. Clip ons and alloy rear sets sort out the riding position and cafe look and to cope with the extra welly, Yamaha forks with Tarrozzi brace sharpen up the front and a pair of Hagon shocks balance the rear. An own brand Redmax ally mudguard keeps some crud off the lovely fresh motor. Wheels are satin black rather than gloss, with original Honda discs and polished Art Deco looking rear calliper. Pirelli make lovely calendars, and tyres, so here is a nice pair. Cafe Racer by RedMax Speedshop. July 2013. The Redmax parts store was raided for a Cafe tank and Norvil seat, but the front fairing was liberated from Steve's own Norton Commando. A custom oil tank and battery box tidy up the rear triangle but maintain a period look and stop the profile from looking to front heavy. A Koso speedo in chrome tells you when you're having too much fun, if you're even looking. Redmax CB750 7 Kind of timely with the new Mad Max film trailer hitting the net, but unintentionally, this CB has turned out to mix a bit of 1970s bridge to bridge racer with a Toecutter special. I for one would love to give chase to a Ford Falcon while riding this. Fibreglass Tracker and Cafe Racer parts-a-plenty in the Redmax shop, take a look. Pics by Greg Moss.