Reparto Esperienze 1 THUMBAs the Gentlemen's Ride Out of 2014 looms ever closer and my thoughts drift back to those glorious, leisurely rides shod in sharp suits and brogues, I cannot help but day dream of what would be the perfect steed for the occasion. It would need class, elegance, sophistication and yet arrive with a deep rumbling intent, it would be the machine you would choose to collect a 40's Hollywood leading lady, to whisk her off her feet, side saddle, to dinner via the scenic route. It would be this Guzzi. Italian made and Italian altered by Roberto Nesci of Reparto Esperienze, this 78' SP 1000 just oozes the necessary suave. Trust the Italians. Reparto Esperienze 2 "We create special Motorcycles, made with passion and handicraft pure, designed for your daily ride… because every day is special!" This glorious green Guzzi arrived in the Bike Shed inbox with one of those charmingly unintelligible stories, courtesy of the ever confusable Google translate, but the passion and spirit of the project became instantly clear. Roberto, from his base of operations, a stones throw from the historic temple of speed, the Autodromo Nazionale Monza Race Circuit, talks romantically of giving life to machines that would otherwise be abandoned in garages. Reparto Esperienze 3 "We reinterpret to them in modern without to remove they it own history. We listen to the Client, its requirements and step after step we try to return a motorcycle only that its to reflect the tastes and its personality." Clearly the client for this Guzzi is a gentleman or lady of impeccable taste. Roberto's key target for the build was to "draw out the soul" of the motorcycle whilst respecting the spirit of the Moto Guzzi brand. Reparto Esperienze 4 With the help of "fratelli" Carlo and Roberto, the team began to rebuild the stately Guzzi using as many old or original parts as they could lay there hands on, only turning to modern parts where the upgrade was too good to ignore. The tank and fairing are original Moto Guzzi parts, along with the Borrani wheels and Dell'Orto carburettors. Reparto Esperienze 5 The Reparto Espeienze team reconditioned the forks, fitted new rear shocks, new brake discs and completely overhauled the engine, gearbox and clutch. The electrical system was simplified and an electronic ignition installed, the battery was hidden away and as much paraphernalia as possible removed from under the seat to lighten the central part of the bike. A Motogadget speedometer was amongst the bought in parts that were integrated into the build, whilst the exhaust and plush seat were fabricated by the company craftsmen. Reparto Esperienze 6 There are so many gorgeous features on this bike; the curved clip ons, the rear sets and passenger pegs, the engine head protectors, the grips, all beautifully considered and combined. The Pastel Green colour scheme was inspired by the remarkable dustbin faired Moto Guzzi V8 from 1955 which featured a similar seat colour and set up. Reparto Esperienze 7 The next motorcycles the team are turning their attention to include a 1992 BMW R100R destined for scrambler treatment, a Cafe Racer based on a 81' BMW R100RS, and a far younger Honda Vigor. No doubt they will impart in these machines the class and elegance of this timeless Guzzi. We certainly look forward to seeing them. See more of what the gentlemen in Monza are getting up to at their website.