Despite my motorcycling wardrobe consisting of a 6 foot rail, with two levels, somehow I've managed to accumulate a jacket in nearly every colour other than black. With another press launch on the way Shopkeep pointed me in the direction of the Lane jacket from the REV'IT Urban range. A classically styled, simple number with a few flashes of character but subtly executed. The cross stitched panels on the shoulders and elbows are reminiscent of the Lewis Leathers Sportsman range from the seventies - no bad thing, those were good looking jackets. Side cinches are a traditional buckle type and there are just two exterior pockets, keeping visual fuss to a minimum. Armour is of course CE approved from REV'IT's own wafer thin Seesmart range meaning you won't look like a gym obsessed knucklehead when off the bike. There's a removable liner which I've tested on the most frigid nighttime motorway mission and have rarely needed more than the thinest jumper beneath, and I'm a real coldie. The leather itself is veg tanned, from a buffalo and varies slightly between garments as the hides are all hand picked for quality rather than uniformity. The leather is then tumbled to age it slightly but unlike some jackets which look plasticy and fake thanks to surface treatments taking the place of more laborious natural ageing. Edges along the front zipper are unfinished as if the seamstress just cut the panel with a pair of scissors and moved to the next section, a tiny detail but it adds further to the vintage aesthetic. The matt nickel style buckles and zips are another nice touch (the green leather version has different hardware). I'm no expert on metal finishes but they appear to be anodised, with a finish similar to a set of allen keys. You know, the silvery ones, well that's what's on my desk but hopefully you get the idea. And the eagle eyed will have spotted the images above show a dark green example. In real life this is a lovely tone and I was really keen, but Shopkeep wouldn't allow it, suggesting I'd get bored of the colour. He didn't want to give me new gloves to match is more like the real reason, his voice is deep and he's damn tall so I tend not to argue. If you have a set of REviits leather pantaloons there's a zippered flap to enable the slightly safer onsie type setup, or you can buy the special revit belt that'll pass through the loops in any normal jeans and secure the jacket and prevent it from riding up if your ride goes pear shaped. Banging around town such thoughts rarely cross anyones mind but quite often on longer runs in the triple digit territory I do find myself daydreaming and looking down at the tarmac and wondering if the side straps are cinched up tight enough. Probably not. My Lane feels and looks like I've owned it for years and has moulded to my shape already. It took a complete drenching on the pictured Ducati Monster press launch, the day after these Corniche shots, and didn't suffer at all. There wasn't any leaking or leaching of dye and it dried without issue. It's now my go-to allrounder leather jacket and I'll be taking back to the south of France in a couple of weeks to try Indian's new Scout Bobber. Once back I'm sure Jack Frost will have made his annual return to the city but for once I'm not fearful, I'll layer-up with some wool and wear the Lane right through the winter. Rev'It! is only available in our Shoreditch store and not in our webshop. Pop down and try one for size, and if you're a member don't for get to flash your card for a mates rates deal. Opening hours, contacts for sizing and stock enquiries etc here To browser other jackets and gear, click here And if you'd like to know how the Monster 797 rides check the road test here