Revival Ducati GT 1 Revival Cycles in Austin, Texas, describe motorcycles as "...more than a machine; as an aesthetic expression that demonstrates the beauty of purposeful form." As you pour over the images of their beautifully crafted Ducati Sport Classic that phrase "purposeful form" is illustrated in metal as these wordsmiths and motorcycle builders have crafted a bike full of style and mighty substance. The driving force behind this build was to tailor the bike to its 6'6" owner whilst drawing inspiration from a vintage Ducati GT. The Sport Classic is a splendid motorcycle straight out of the box that has been rebuilt into many gorgeous custom specials, but here the bike has been drastically rethought to create a distinct one-off. Revival Ducati GT 5 The first thing that strikes you is the stretched tank, reminiscent of the famous 60's racing Honda CR110. It loses the bulk and width of the standard tank and pushes the rider 6 inches further from the bars (as if they weren't far enough already). That tank also reveals the full glory of the nickel plated frame that has been shaved of all redundant metal, while the subframe was completely chopped and rebuilt, significantly slimmer than standard. Revival have created a bike much slighter and lighter than the original base model but on a scale designed to accommodate the taller Gentleman.
Revival Ducati GT 3 Many beautiful custom bikes look like absurd toys with a larger rider on them, with their dropped suspension and slender seats creating the classic cartoon motorcycle profile that unfortunately leaves many riders looking like Desperate Dan. This tailor made motorcycle has drawn some keen test riders, with 6'4" TT hero Connor Cummins taking to the saddle only to declare his favourite part was "everything". ...Clearly up to scratch then! Revival Ducati GT 4 Ohlins suspension graces the front and rear, the trademark gold colour removed to tie-in better with the rest of the bike. Racing wet tyres adorn the exotic Alpina carbon fibre wheels that are stopped by Discacciati brakes and shrouded by slinky custom fenders and mounts. Moto gadget instrumentation and wiring wizardry deal with the electrics and a one-off, split-level, section welded exhaust takes care of the crackling soundtrack. Revival Ducati GT 2 The beautiful understated grey and orange paintwork that extends to the headlamp bucket occasionally gives way to the highly polished metalwork beneath, such as in the Classic Ducati tank stripe. A deep brown leather seat and brown grips take care of the bike and rider interfaces.
Revival Ducati GT 6 The last words can only be Revival's own, this was taken from their mission statement, don't forget to check out their excellent website for more information: "It is not enough to simply have a mechanically-adequate machine that ignores the visual form. To be truly remarkable requires something more: the seamless blending of visual design with technical excellence. When these elements come together with just the right mix, the result is as much fun to ride as it is to behold."
Revival Ducati GT 7 Couldn't agree more boys, how about a test ride? See more from the talented Alan & Co at Revival Cycles on their Webpages, and we hope to share more of their work on The Bike Shed soon. Posted by Gareth@TheBikeShed