Here's another lovely ride from a regular Shed-dweller, Rick, from Newmarket, Ontario. He got his first bike, a 150cc Honda Dream, when he was just 13 - in two milk crates, so he's been spannering his own bikes from an early age; but this gorgeous Norton Commander is his first complete scratch-build, and we're really chuffed to feature it here on the Bike Shed.

Here she is (above) a while back, with Mikunis and black fender, while being run-in.

The bike has taken Rick two years to complete, and looks like it's been a labour of love. The fuel tank was hand made in Wales by Terry Baker Sr. (now deceased), truly beautiful! The wheels are polished aluminum by Buchanan’s in California. The twin disc front end is from a 1991 Kawasaki, running the original rotors, polished and mounted on a Harley hub. She has belt primary drive, Norris SS profile cam, Twin Keihin Pumper carbs, Tri-spark Ignition and 1 ½ Inch exhaust. Every visible nut and bolt is polished Stainless Steel. Since completed in June 2009 Rick has put over 4000 miles on her, taking 2nd prize in the modified Commando class at the Norton National rally in British Columbia last summer.

As she is today (for now) with Keihins and alloy fender

Like any shed-built bike, she's never quite finished... Thanks very much to Rick for sending us the pics and spec. He tells us that as well as looking stunning, the bike is truly a pleasure to ride! In his own words; "Ride em don’t hide em!" We couldn't agree more.