Rispos Siren 1 This latest BMW R100 custom was brought to our attention by Bike Shed regular contributor Francesco from Franzgarage, and is the work of Daniele Rispoli, a 31 year old electrical designer from Modena in the North of Italy, better known as Rispo. Rispos Siren 2 Rispo is a big fan of classic bikes and also rides a 1970 Triumph T120, having previously owned a Thruxton and a Royal Enfield. For his daily ride Rispo picked up an R1150R Beemer, but the bike was just too modern and didn't move his soul, so he decided the only way to balance useability with character was to take things into his own hands and customise a BMW Boxer twin. Rispos Siren 3 Most of the BMWs on these page are late 70s and 80s bikes, but Rispo wanted a donor machine that was a little more up to date, with newer components and performance, but still basic enough to hang on to a vintage vibe. Rispos Siren 4 "After a few months of working evenings spent imagining and creating sketches 'Siren' was born, thanks to the experience of professionals who have helped me, unknown to the commercial world, but able to translate in iron, leather and color sensations I felt." Rispos Siren 5 Rispo disassembled the bike with the help of his friend Federico before taking the remains to Sisto and Luca at Motoservice with clear instructions on what needed fixing, from remodeling the subframe to swapping out gauges and lights, etc. Rispos Siren 6 As the build went on, the workshop "turned into a bar"; full of people with thier own ideas and opinions. Sounds like our kind of work-space. Rispos Siren 7 After the basics were complete and the bike had been fitted-out according to Rispo's brief the upholstery was taken care of by a retired leatherworker who needed some persuading to stitch a diamond pattern onto the Boxer's seat, but Rispo knew exactly what he wanted. Stefano of Sport Colour took care of the paint and finish in deep metallic tones, leaving a part-worn pinstripe around the flanks. Rispos Siren 8 This isn't the first late 90s Beemer we've seen taken back to basics, and the combination of single-sided swingarm and wire wheels with that timeless toaster tank works perfectly. We'll leave the last word to Rispo. "Now this wonderful adventure is over, she walks on winding roads, enchants the beholder .... as a Siren." Rispos Siren 9 Thanks to Daniele Rispoli for sharing with all of us here at The Bike Shed.