When life deals a bum hand, for some it knocks life into perspective and great things arise from adversity.

Robert Warren was staring down the barrel of a life threatening illness but rather than focus on what might happen he got together with his son Jordan and used the recovery period to design and build this monster – Harley-Davidson 1200cc motocrosser.

The only thing left from the lardy Sportster is the frame’s cradle and the motor. Robert’s a furniture maker but transfer his skills to metal and managed to plane 70kgs from the hog, replacing heavy, cast pig-iron and agricultural components with aluminium, fibreglass and MX parts.

We saw, well – heard, Robert and Jordans bike at the Malle Mile last summer. The thing rips!! Shed building at it’s best, great work guys.

Listen to their full build story below…. and turn your speakers down near the end, those pipes shook the glass when it fired up.