Portugal has long been a hotbed of custom creativity in Europe and one of the main protagonists since the early days has been Rua Machines. We're big fans of their work and it was a delight to host Armando and Victor at last year's Bike Shed London show with the fabulous Guzzi Nevada #8. And here's the latest from their workshops, based just south of Porto. This 2018 BMW R nineT Scrambler left the showroom as an already decent looking motorcycle but the buyer used to own a bike clothing and lifestyle store in Lisbon, and wanted the Beemer to cut a more custom look while maintaining the ability to be returned to standard trim. The tail was tidied using a fabricated steel and powder-coated bracket rather than the ugly plastic original and the indicators have been swapped for slightly smaller ones. The highly polished stainless exhaust is one of Rua's own components, giving the last of the air-cooled boxer twin the rumble it deserves. But the most impactful aesthetic changes are obviously the fuel tank and saddle. A narrow 70s style look was the brief and the guys from Rua have nailed that. Gone is the awkward stocker along with the air intake tract synonymous with this generation of R nineT. The asymmetric vessel was made in the Rua workshops and features a beautifully integrated intake for the stock airbox located just above the transmission. Complemented by a muted tone and tasteful stripes the new tank transforms the bike and sets it apart from the surfeit of tarted-up nineTs we've seen lately. The oxblood leather saddle adds to the retro vibe with pairs of eyelet vents reminiscent of a Ford GT40 seat. From here it looks like a perfectly executed upholstery job - lovely! Sure, this isn't the most customised BMW Scrambler out there but the guys from Rua have done a great job and we thought it well worth a share. If attention to detail and decent craftsmanship appeals to you and you're looking for a custom shop to bring your vision to life, check out Rua Machines Bike Shed Archive | Instagram | Facebook | Website