We were having such a great time at our own show that we forgot about Portugal's largest custom event, Lisboa Art&Moto that was on the same weekend in May. What's impossible to forget though is the impact Portuguese builders have had on the European scene over the last few years. I have my own theories and some Lisbon and Porto locals have shared theirs but for now let's just say that there must be something in the water. Rua Machine must down gallons of the stuff as they've yet to fail in sending us bike photos that provoke an immediate oooooooww response. I'm not sure what their motto is but simple, clean and stylish would cover everything they've built to date. And this Moto Guzzi Nevada isn't about to upset the pattern. Rua* 8 started out as a humble (and fairly ugly) 750 model from 1996 - crap, worn and unsightly parts have been removed to reveal the Guzzi's inner beauty. The curiously mounted stock tank is thankfully long gone, with one from a Ducati 350GT in its place, suiting the bike's lines perfectly and I'm sure that the resemblance to the rocker covers was no accident. An Avon style half fairing with proper Rickman-esque headlight dome screams seventies go-faster treatment and scrubs a couple of decades off the overall look. Clipons live behind the screen and control the stock, but rebuilt of course, fork which is stiffer thanks to a polished brace. Motogadget's white faced Chrono Classic the ideal modern all-in-one speedo takes care of the cockpit instruments and traditional repro gummy grips and single barend mirror finish the period job nicely. The tail and seat base are fibreglass and were fabricated in-house mirroring both the slightly abrupt swage lines of the tank as well as the curvaceous fairing. A simple stop/tail light is rebated into the rear leaving bullet-type indicators to do the flashing. The saddle is also a homegrown affair, literally, as some poor cow has given their hide over to offer an enticing place to sit. Rich brown and properly padded it looks like comfort and style have been combined in equal measure. With the weighty encumbrance of faux cruising removed the Nevada's 750cc shaft drive twin packs plenty of punch for a retro inspired café racer. A large K&N pancake filter will sound great and release a smidge more oomph via the stainless headers and unique, underslung mufflers. Stock Brembos and modern rubber on rebuilt wheels should make the most of what is mechanically a really great package. The ridiculous foot peg position of the original bike is superseded by dainty rearsets which along with a the fork yoke, starter motor, rear suspension mounts, calipers and ignition cover have been treated to a darker silver, almost titanium finish in contrast to the gleaming alloy and polished stainless across the rest of the bike. As for the final colour, I'm not sure which paint code has been used but I'll take a stab at Porsche Radium or maybe Ice Green as found on 356 and early 911 models....or is it Aston Martin Kent Green... my screen hasn't been calibrated in a while. Whatever it is, it's lovely. If you are lucky enough to be heading down to Wheels & Waves this week keep an eye out for this bike and give Armando, Victor and Marco a pat on the back from us - a job very well done. See more from Rua Machines Bike Shed Archive | Instagram | Facebook | Website