Katiuska 1 The shed is about taking a bike and making it different, making it unique and most importantly making a statement, this Honda nx650 certainly ticks all of those boxes and more. This bike is guaranteed not to be to everyone's taste, but that's ok, individuality is what customising is about and if everyone loved the same thing; the shed wouldn't exist! Katiuska 3 I spent over an hour looking at this bike, my thoughts on it are all over the place, there are parts that I think are pure class and others that I think; why? This build by Eduardo of Russell Mecanica has drawn me in; it has got me thinking not just about the bike before me but also the owner. The bike was built for Ruben, and without Ed telling us; I had already guessed that he was an extreme sports fan, but if it wasn't for being informed that he already has a Harley 1200 Sportster, I would have assumed he was around the same age as the donor bike, but whether he is a 21 year old lad or a middle aged bohemian, it really doesn't matter, the bike has enough zest within it to turn back the years on all of us. Katiuska 5 The donor bike was sourced from Nomade Cycles in Madrid and after giving it a thorough inspection to certify it was in good shape, Ed started to strip it down, he knew he wanted to run with a twin exhaust system and that the bike was to be skinny and nimble to give Ruben a different riding style to his current steed. Katiuska 4 The obvious stand out feature is the paint work, both the Lambretta tank and the skateboard were painted by Eduardo's friend, Genova Bilbao, it's so vibrant and brings an extended level of fun to a bike that will undoubtedly be a hoot anyway. In addition to the paint, the skateboard... head board also wears a pair of trucks with wheels, these are being uniquely utilised to house the front indicators. Katiuska 6Continuing the Lambretta theme, the riders seat is a modified Lambretta perch whilst the pillion seat is handmade, although I don't see any rear footpegs, so they will have to dangle their legs, or wrap them around the rider; perhaps the later is what Ruben is hoping for! Katiuska 2 The headlight is from... no not a Lambretta, close though; it's a Vespa, originally mounted on the mudguard of the donor scooter, it continues to be mudguard mounted, only onto a hand made one, offset there's a generic yellow lensed spot light for additional lighting support. The standard rims look to have been subjected to the same treatment most kids skateboards get; plastered with cool stickers from all your favourite brands, I personally love this touch, it adds more vibrancy and uniqueness to the bike... as if it needed it! Tyres are purposeful, ready for the city yet capable of taking the rider down some loose dirt tracks when the chance arises. Katiuska 8 The original subframe was ditched and Eduardo fabricated the slender tail unit you see here, it had to house the electrics, the seats and give the exhausts their high level location, it also has a splash guard to reduce incessant air filter cleaner! Katiuska 7 So to sum it up, it's a youthful, quirky, fun, unique, dynamic, and bold young thing... 21 years young! There will be lovers and there will be haters, but it doesn't matter, the best customs divide opinion, and the only one that matters is Rubens... and he loves it. For me; my favourite bits have to be the spot lamp, the rims, the tank choice and its vibrant paint scheme. Huge thanks to Eduardo for sharing, to see more of his work check out the Russell Mecanica page within the shed where we have his last 2 builds.