Russell Pauspecial 1 "The Pauspecial" is a 1988 Yamaha 125 Special built by Eduardo Iglesias of Russell Mecanica, whose BMW was featured on The Bike Shed a while back, but it's not just on here because it looks good, it's here because we really need to celebrate these small capacity customs. Not everyone on a cafe/brat custom is an ex-sports bike rider, hungry for big ccs and torque. Russell Pauspecial 2 Lots of people discovering our world of custom motorcycles come from scooters or bicycles, or no bike experience at all, and others are just not looking for a machine that wants to throw them off into a hedge the first time they're less than subtle on the throttle. Bring them on. These riders are the future. Russell Pauspecial 3 This bike was bought in original condition with 14,000 kms on it. It was black and was a runner with Spanish papers, ready to ride. Russell Pauspecial 4 When Eduardo first got hold of the bike he decided to give it to his wife as a birthday present, but a month later they discovered she was pregnant so it became the donor for a build for Eduardo's friend Paulino who is the chairman of two surfing schools and a hotel/restaurant in Salinas Beach in Asturias, where Motofest was held. Russell Pauspecial 5 Paulino wanted a bike that would give him the opportunity to ride it to the beach with his surfboard, so it needed to be a gentle ride - plus it was the first bike he was to own after his Vespa. Eduardo dismantled the bike, rebuilding the rear subframe and seat, relocating the battery and electrics. Russell Pauspecial 6 The front end is new and comes from a Beta trials bike, donating the forks, brake and front wheel, both wheels wear trial tyres. The tank comes from a Derbi and the seat was handmade and upholstered, and although it's not apparent from these photos, there is also a surfboard rack. The paint job is inspired by the colours used in Paulino's hotel, The Longhouse. Russell Pauspecial 7 Pics from