Mark from RCD has sent us these beautiful rearsets for S5, the Kawasaki Z1075.

Previously... We’ve made a good start on S5, removing the extraneous parts (most of them) and swapping the forks. It’s amazing how spindly the OE forks are, but it’s deceptive, they weigh so much more than the modern Triumph 955i versions.

Once in we had our first head scratching session. We sat the bike on a 17” wheel to check out the stance and look for potential problems and sure enough, we found one. The bike is bottoming out the Triumph forks at the moment, which is not a big surprise and one that can be overcome but the ground clearance is more of an issue. We could make a yoke that drops down at the sides where it meets the fork tubes to raise the front but this would give problems with bar height. The answer looks like slightly longer fork tubes, we’re after about 3”. So we now need to find someone to make them for us. Put it on the list..

Another conundrum. We bought wire wheels with the bike because we wanted the hubs. We’re running a Triumph front end and we have the 955i discs so we knew that there wouldn’t be a problem with the calipers and mounting to the forks, for a change! However, we need to make a spacer to move the caliper and disc away from the new spokes as clearance is always an issue. The Triumph forks actually help us here as they are much wider than the OE items which look like they should take a scooter wheel.

You can’t beat years of knowledge and Martin found the problem straight off. The hub only has 4 disc mounting holes, the Triumph disc has 5. You can’t line it up without hitting a countersunk bolt that will be holding in the spacer. Martin can’t miss an opportunity to get a Yamaha part in the build, and sure enough an FZR1000 disc, with 6 bolt holes lines up perfectly, missing the spacer that’s yet to be fabricated.

The wiring is a mess and will be replaced, it just goes to show what can lurk within, butchered and waiting to cause you problems.

Previously... Bits and Bobs arrive

The Triumph 955i Daytona front end is awesome, looks great and is renowned for being solid and planted with great brakes.

The Zephyr 1100 swingarm gives us options with wheels/tyres.

Previously... The design for the S5z is complete and the build is underway - new bodywork, front and rear ends and a completely different stance, but still a familiar silhouette…