S6 is nearly there, which is a good job as it will be at Rollerburn tomorrow!

It’s great to get the tank on, the seat has arrived too and looks great but rather than show it now we’ll wait for the pics at the show.

Another day, another late night. Good progress has been made but as ever there are things that crop up and have to be resolved, despite best laid plans! The need for a spacer here, slightly adapting something there..

The Co-Built exhaust system is beautiful..

Martin cracks another ‘hilarious’ joke about Triumph electrical connectors.

Previously... S6 Beer, wine, curry, no sleep.

I watched a documentary recently that told the story of the record breaking build of a Wellington bomber. During WWII the Americans laid down the gauntlet and built a bomber in under 48 hours. The plucky Brits had a go and not only built a Wellington, but had it in the air in 20 hours. I don’t know what they put in their tea but we could do with some!K&N’s are on..

Back wheel in..

Chain on..

LSL sprocket cover on..

Forks in, black covers on..

LSL headlamp brackets going on..

Beer, wine, curry followed by ‘Champion Sheene’ and ‘The Doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky Kid’ on DVD. Not much sleep. You wouldn’t believe how much time and effort has gone into this front end. Looks sweet though.

Bars on..

Time for the tank..

We’ve replaced the large headlamp with a slightly smaller (6.5 inch) LSL Clubman which looks great and is beautifully made.

The huge original headlamp shrouds have also been replaced with some LSL headlamp brackets that are both simple and elegant.

We’re big fans of LSL and we have to thank the ever helpful and enthusiastic Paul at www.motoevolution.co.uk for sorting us out with the goodies.

Apologies if this sends you to sleep.. the brackets are universal for the LSL range of headlamps but when fitted to the smaller versions, such as the Clubman, you are supposed to ‘flip’ them to move the bracket arms closer to the headlamp. This would mean that you would see the back of the bolts rather than the heads so we used some spacers (thanks Lee) to get the best visual result.
Martin brought in his lovely Bonnie a few weeks back with a brief to ‘lighten’ the front end and make his gorgeous bike that bit more special. We have ditched the large OE clocks and Sam has fitted a much sleeker Speedhut model with a simple, bespoke clock surround and small LED warning lights. Martin's S6 is on a deadline to be ready for this Friday, so the guys have been burning the midnight oil assembling all the goodies that have been arriving in boxes for the last few weeks. There's more on the Spirit blog of course but here are a few highlights to update this thread.

The wiring loom probably isn't very exciting for owners and ridres, but when you're building a bike, getting this done is hugely satisfying.

Carbs, shocks, swing arm - posh battery box... It's emerging before our very eyes...


We got the frame back today, it’s looks great with a lovely satin black finish.

We’ve spent the day doing lots of prep work.. more tomorrow.

Previously... The Triumph is back and is undergoing final dry-build surgery before being stripped down, blasted, painted and reassembled. We’ve sorted a lot of the details today which is brilliant. And the Co-Built exhausts look bloody fantastic! We’re getting there…

Anthony from Co-Built sent us a sneak peek of the new exhaust system late last night, can’t wait to get her back!

Previously... Trimmania trim stuff, all sorts of stuff, from cars modern and classic, to boats, to bikes. And they are pretty darn good at it. That’s why we’ve taken the Trumpet to them for it’s lovely leather perch. I got in the way for a bit while Eric did his thing with a pot of glue and an upholstery knife. This seat shall be neat…

Kev picked up the battery box from Revolution this morning and it looks pretty special.

We spent a fair bit of time today rubbing down the frame ready for it to go to powder coat, we’re just waiting for a couple of bits and it will be off.

Previously, again...

I’m falling in love with S6…

Here are some of the goodies we’ve been putting together for Spirit 6 and Spirit 7 (XS750 Ecosse). Spacers Mannnnn…

Check out the lovely work of our mate Lee Peck. S6 (Scrambler) gave us a problem in that the front R1/6 caliper was going to foul the spokes, so we asked Lee to knock us up a spacer to move the disc carrier out. It’s a work of art.


Lee at King Carbon has done the biz for us again and produced a gorgeous seat unit for S7, the XS750 Ecosse.

It’s almost a shame that it’s going to be covered in paint!


It’s been a long wait but finally we picked up the Scrambler engine. Bob has worked his magic and given our stock motor some engineering botox, we’ll go into more detail when the bike is finished.

We got it back to HQ in Kev’s trustie Land Rover and set to it, we’ve had the parts lying around for ages and we couldn’t wait to piece it together.

Old tyres are perfect for protecting and holding the engine, allowing us to marry it up to the frame.

Check out the gorgeous LSL sprocket courtesy of MotoEvolution.

Rearsets going on.

We love our SF bike lift, it’s a beautiful bit of kit. It wasn’t cheap but we wouldn’t trust anything else and it gives us loads of options like in the next couple of shots.

Front wheel in, then we were able to raise the lift and turn the bike 90 degrees to get the back wheel in.

Best use yet of an iPad?

We love our lithium Racing Batteries, it’s amazing how much the technology has advanced in just over a year. The first types we used were literally home made out of De Walt power packs.


Martin's Bonnie - Spirit 6 - arrives

Martin dropped off his lovely 904cc Bonnie yesterday. We’re going to take some weight off of the front end, with a sprinkling of LSL parts and bespoke Spirit fabrication. It has been a busy week, we’ve stripped down Duncan’s XS750 and the Scrambler is due back from exhaust surgery at Co-Built.