Introducing our next project, another XS750 custom codenamed S7 Ecosse - so called because ‘Mr D’, the customer, is from Edinburgh, plus it’s a gentle nod to the wonderful Ecurie Ecosse racing team which we’ve long adored and have seen at the last couple of shows we’ve attended. As scottish as haggis, neeps and tatties. A few days ago now but the hands-on work has begun in earnest. The bike has been stripped, reduced and delugged. The engine is on the bench awaiting deconstruction and the design for the paint is being finalised. Keep an eye on the blog and our FB page for progress. Martin gets a-grindin’… There’s no disguising an XS triple! Fantastic looking engine We’re gonna need a bigger boat… Previously... I picked up Duncan this morning from Gatwick, he’d flown in from Edinburgh to see us and talk through the specification of his XS750 based Spirit bike, S7. Kev gave Duncan several options including a more ‘sit up and beg’ style of machine but ultimately he was seduced by the charms of S2 and has commissioned us to build his ‘forever bike.’

Duncan is obviously going to struggle to pop in to discuss the build so we spent several hours talking it through and fine tuning the design, it’s going to be an awesome bike!